June 5, 2013

Episode #119 - LIVE Yin Yoga (Gentle)

Podcast Episode #119
by Marty Tribble, RYT

Enjoy a gentle Yin Yoga practice with Marty Tribble, RYT in the comfort of your own home! Recorded LIVE and unedited in Milwaukee, WI, on June 5, 2013. (Blogger users, click the purple post header/episode title above to stream audio)

This yoga podcast is designed for experienced yoga practitioners. Marty recommends that all beginners first learn yoga with a qualified teacher before attempting to follow a yoga podcast. Be aware that practicing yoga without caution and full awareness can result in injury. By listening to, using, or following along with this podcast you take full responsibility for your own body and hold Marty Tribble harmless of any claim or liability. Always consult your primary health care pracitioner prior to beginning any new exercise or strenuous activity.

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